Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 4 of training (I BOUGHT A BIKE!)

So the usual training has taken place this week - running, cycling, swimming, early mornings etc etc etc


the most exciting thing about this week is that I bought a bike and it was delivered! I had been into several bike shops and was met with surprise when I stated my budget - "Oh... you only want to spend £300-£400.... You won't get much for  that".  I think that is a lot of money to spend on a bike, but apparently people who are keen about triathlons happily spend thousands on a bike... Well I'm not - so I went rogue and went onto Ebay!

I don't know anything about bikes - but spoke to lots of people and decided to search for a few brands.  I was outbid on a carbon fibre bike that went for £500 - but eventually won a Specialized Allez bike, with upgraded wheels, racing handlebars with pads, a b'twin speedometre. 

It arrived at work in bits- a local bike shop built it and serviced for me and I was good to go!! 

I decided to cycle on Friday afternoon from Edinburgh to Linlithgow.... There is a canal side path that goes all the way. 

It started off so well- it was smooth and recently paved. I loved being outside by the canal - hearing the birds and zooming along! The bike is great and so speedy and light. However the track rapidly deteriorated and became really rough and muddy.... I struggled for miles and finally arrived at least 45 minutes after I should have done and in the dark... Not ideal. But I enjoyed it! 

Lovely views! 

The next day I lovingly cleaned all the mud and leaves off my bike! 

Yay for cycling! And yay for eBay purchases that are exactly what they said they were! 

The only bad thing was that I managed to fall off a few times because I kept forgetting that my feet were clipped to my pedals and when you stop you have to unclip them before you can steady yourself. So I had a few embarrassing slow motion falls- thankfully not into the canal 

Bruises aside- I LOVE MY NEW BIKE!!!!

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