Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 2 of training

Monday and Tuesday- NOTHING!! Rest days 

Running- 3 runs this week totalling 17.6 kilometres. Two runs were lunch time 5ks. One was a triathlon club run and it was a brutal set of 10 mins, 4 mins, 10 mins with a 1 minute rest in the middle- we had to run at above 10k pace. By the last 10 minutes I was really struggling. 

Swimming- this week I have done 2.5 hours. Friday morning at 6am was fun because we did a swimming yo-yo test Arghhhhhh- for those who haven't done a yo-yo test or a bleep test they are horrible! We had to do 4x50 metres in 65 seconds each and then 4x50 in 60 seconds each and then 55 seconds then 50 etc etc. we got to 45 and I couldn't breathe any more! 
We also did pool push ups (like you're lifting yourself out of the pool and lowering back in) - to 'activate the shoulders'. It just really hurt 😭

Cycling- I have done two spins this week. One with a super intense instructor where a lot of Nero angst was played (you tube it and imagine someone shouting at you to PUSH IT, WORK HARDER, COME ON and you can imagine the pain!).

On Sunday I went to a much more relaxed hippie spin session with Rachel! We worked hard and pushed our legs and had lots of fun doing it. Here is a photo of sweaty Rachel and me! 

Now I'm having a massive roast and stack of pancakes 

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