Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 5

On Monday Edinburgh looked like this....

A horrid mixture of rain and sleet... I went for a triathlon run 

However on Tuesday Edinburgh had transformed into this....

Much better! 

By Wednesday the snow and ice had cleared and I went for a spinning session at 6.45 am and then a triple loop around Arthur's seat after work. The weather was brill 

I'm loving my new bike so much and can't wait for the weather to get better and for the days to get longer so I can cycle in the evenings! 

On Thursday I went for a nice relaxing lunch time 5k. And I did a stressful beasting spin session in the evening. My legs were so weak I could hardly make it up the stairs to my flat. 

Friday- 6am swim!!! We did lots of arm drills which was a relief because my legs were so sore! We finished with pyramid swims which were exhausting but good.

But I got to have porridge and a kale, grape and kiwi smoothie at work afterwards! I love my nutribullet 

Saturday morning I went for a quick morning cycle along the coast along to Musselburgh. It was pretty windy but very beautiful! 

No more exercise for me now until Monday! Off to Glasgow to watch andy Murray play Isner in the Davis cup! Woooooo

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