Saturday, February 14, 2015

What is Jess's weekend of pain?

I decided this year I wanted fundraise to fundraise for Macmillan nurses to commemorate 10 years since my step dad Trevor died.
I had recently joined the Edinburgh Triathlon Club so I thought that some sort of triathlon weekend would be a good challenge for me. I decided to enter a triathlon in the Forest of Dean and base my challenge around that. That triathlon is on a Sunday so I looked for events near then. I stumbled on the Great North Swim…. Swimming is the weakest of my three triathlon events so I though that a two mile open water swim would terrify me into training hard.
At this point in January I definitely cannot swim for two miles let alone in open water! So my swim training will have to go from 2 times a week to 3 in a few weeks. Also if anyone wants to lend me a wetsuit that would be awesome!
The final event the day after the Great North Swim and the day before the triathlon is a 10k around Wimbledon common. 7k is about my most comfortable distance to run- so 10k will be enough to hurt my legs and challenge me mentally when I want to give up after 7k. Hopefully some nice people will run the 10k with me?
I hope that these three days of pain, fear and exhaustion will raise some money for Macmillan nurses- and I know that whatever struggles I am going through someone has been through something worse.

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