Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week one of training

Monday evening- in the cold and rain I dragged myself off the sofa and to the bottom of Arthur’s seat and the commonwealth pool for triathlon club. We went for a sprint session in the TUNNEL! See the photo! It’s a spooky old train tunnel that we run up and down! Sprints done and with my thighs aching I headed to the commonwealth pool for an hours swim! 1000 metres later I went home to watch Broadchurch with my ace flatmate Gordon

Tuesday I went to Leith Victoria Swimming pool with two babes from work Kat and Steph - I did a mixture of pyramid swimming (200m, 300m, 400m, 300m, 200m etc etc) and chatting with the girls! Still managed a tidy 1800mWednesday I set an alarm at the horrible time of 0615 and jogged to the Edinburgh Life Cycle centre. Did an intense 45 min spin session showered and got to work all before 8! 
I had such a great spin on Wednesday that I went on Thursday night too! 

Friday morning I forced myself out of bed at 0530 and hopped on a bus to Leith Victoria pool for a 90 min swim session. We managed to get through 3500 metres. Going so early in the morning means that I am still in a bit of a daze while I swim- I don’t really realise how far I have swum or how long I’ve been in the pool until
I’m in the shower afterwards- ideal! Friday night I went for a fab burns night supper with work- ate and drank zillions of calories but it was guilt free because of all that swimming!

Yay for a whole weekend off!! Might do a bit of stretching and gentle yoga

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