Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 3 of training

This week has been a super sociable week of training

Monday - had a fun running and swimming session with Triathlon club.  We did sprints round the meadows and then some arm drills and races in the Commonwealth pool.  

Tuesday - PANCAKE DAY! My flatmate Gordon dragged me to running club 

I was feeling a bit ill and wasn't keen - but I got excited because I got to try out my new trainers! 

Also - I tried out Strava instead of Map My Run - I prefer it already.  It syncs quickly and easily and gives lots of information.  It will also be really good when I start cycling outside.

Wednesday - I got up early  to go to spinning at LifeCycle Edinburgh.  The session was tough with lots of hills but I felt great after.

Wednesday evening I met Millie to go and watch 50 shades! After the film we went to yoga 

On Thursday I went for a nice lunch time jog around work. I'm loving strava! It's so fab.

Friday! Early morning for Jess! 
I managed to wake up 5 mins before my alarm?! How??! 

Fridays swim is an hour and a half and at a horrendous time in the morning but it is my favourite session of the week! I love it. This week was particularly great! We did an hour of drills working on our arm action and kick and then we did a timed 400m. We started at 5 second intervals- the fastest starting first. I started in 4th position but managed to get the fastest time!!!! Yayyy! I was so happy! I should just say at this point that that there are two lanes and I was the quickest in the slow lane so I am by no means a super speedy swimmer yet- but I'm working on it! Here are my 400 m times to date: 

Massive improvements! 

Right well I'm off to have a v relaxed weekend- no swimming/running/cycling until Monday! Wooohooooo xxxx

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