Friday, June 5, 2015

Work special


Since about November 2014 I have been for 1 (or sometimes 2 or 3) lunch time runs per week. That adds up to 30+ runs!  The work running club (comprising primarily of Mamils) has a standard route around a nearby park which is just over 5 kms...

As you can see we have been for runs in all kinds of wind, rain, sun and even hail!

I have to say that these runs haven't always been as easy as I have made out... I always pretend that we are going really slowly and I can run much faster - truthfully I don't think I can run much faster! We have done some pretty fast 5ks and they have been perfect training for the running part of my triathlon. 

The park we run around!

Lunch runs are my favourite part of my day (unless its raining) and they have been a really fun part of training!

On Monday 18 May the CLO cycle club ventured out to South Queensferry.  It was a lovely afternoon before we got on the bikes...... Once on the bikes and on National Cycle Route 1 the heavens opened and we got rained and hailed on.

We took refuge under a bridge and waited for the worst of the hail to stop - it was so painful! Imagine hundreds of smarties being thrown at you and that is exactly what it felt like.

After a few more bouts of rain the weather improved and it was sunny all the way. 

We cycled through Dalmeny Estate, along beautiful beaches and through woods.  We saw little lambs running around!

We finally reached the Forth Road Bridge and celebrated with a pub dinner! It was a good 40km cycle. 

One lunch time we cycled from work to Portobello for lunch.  The weather this time was lovely! A bit windy but super sunny.  The whole cycle was 15km.  The wind was behind us on the way but when we turned back, full of lunch, we had to cycle into a big headwind the whole way.  It was still great to get outside in the sunshine and get racing on the bike.


Eleanor and I have played netball at Go Mammoth league in Edinburgh. It was super fun to play netball again! And Eleanor is a star shooter. I didn't want to play too much in case I injured an ankle.
But I had a great time anyway.

Eleanor ran the Edinburgh marathon on Sunday - and nailed it! Woop! Go her!


Tuesday nights = swimming nights!

I have only been a few times but it has been super fun to swim with these babes.  I think it's safe to say we look better without goggles...


I have been pretty chatty about how good I am at planks - so one day I took on registry to see who is the champion once and for all.   
Here we are all ready to go:
After 38 seconds Lynne was out (although we had only just taught her how to do a plank)
Ali stayed in for an impressive 1 minute 27 before collapsing
That left just Michael and me - my shoulders and abs were screaming and shaking uncontrollably and I only managed to stick in there for 2 minutes 22... Should have done some practice!
Michael won with a heroic time of 4 minutes 2 seconds before giving in:
I think it's safe to say the world record holder (5 hours 15 minutes) is safe for now:
I have really enjoyed work this year and everyone has been very generous with sponsorship - so thank you very much!
Also everyone has also given me lots of cake and chocolate to fuel me on with training and looked after me when my muscles have been really sore.
I will miss everyone lots

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  1. Well done Jessica - very proud of you. Just finished reading your blog and I am tired!!! I can imagine how you are feeling - superfit!. Maybe I will join you next year . . . . . maybe. :-)

    Love Auntie Marilyn P-B