Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekend of pain DAY THREE

I woke up with sore legs and not much energy - I think it's safe to say a 2 mile swim and a 10k is not the best way to prepare for a triathlon..... 

The sun was out in the Forest of Dean!

Despite the sun being out the water was still pretty cold!!! Argh

I enjoyed the swim- a couple of laps of mallards pike was lovely! I was in the front 5 for the swim and came out in a good position 

Getting out of my wetsuit and onto my bike took a bit longer than expected but I got on ready for a 22.5km cycle. 

It was SO HILLY!!! Oooooph! My legs were already feeling destroyed and at some points I considered hopping off my bike and pushing it up the hill! But I didn't. I got over taken by quite a few people. I really need to work on my cycle...

Getting off the bike my legs felt so wobbly like jelly! But I was determined to get in front of the people who had overtaken me on the bike! 

I got into a rhythm and just went for it. My legs had nothing left in them but I managed to get back in front of a few people. 

I did an extremely cheeky overtake the the final few metres! And right when I crossed the line I thought I was going to throw up...... 

But I DID IT!!!! Wahoooo!!!! I came third in the swim and run but lost it in the cycle sadly! I was 8th female- should have done a lot better. Should have done more cycling training!

 I am now going to have a massive roast lunch and sit on the sofa. 

Thank you soooo much to everyone who sponsored me! You are the best and the only thing that has kept me positive. Macmillan is an ace charity and you should feel super proud of yourselves for giving to them. 

Also- a massive thank you to the family and Craig who drove me around and fed me and looked after me! You guys are the best xx

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