Sunday, May 31, 2015

2 weeks to go.........

I can't believe there are only two weeks before I have to take on my weekend.  Here is my Just Giving page if you wanted to sponsor me!

I have been focusing a lot on swimming - especially open water swimming. 

Pool swims have been good - I have started swimming Wednesday mornings at 6am as well as Monday evenings and Friday mornings at 6.  We did a 400 metre time trial this month - last month it took me 6 minutes 18 seconds - this time around it took me 6 minutes 2 seconds! I would really love to break the 6 minute barrier.

Here is a classic google face selfie:

I have just invested in a pair of Zoggs predator goggles which are UV protected and should stop digging into my face so much! 

I have also been open water swimming.  So far I have hated being in the open water - I feel as if my technique is terrible and I find it so tough to put my head down in the water... However we went to Threipmuir reservoir in the Pentlands and I battled my fears:

I actually really enjoyed swimming! It was amazing to be in the water in the sunshine.  It was really cold but once I got used to it I was ok.  Putting my face and head in the water took my breath away but once I got used to it I really enjoyed it.  We only swam 500m - the Great North Swim will be 2 miles but I feel like I'm ready.  


I have been on lots of runs - I enjoy the running part of a triathlon mainly because it is the last one you have to do! But also because I know I can do the distances in a triathlon: the run part of the sprint triathlon I will do is only 5k!  The 10k I will do on the Saturday of my weekend will be my 'recovery day' - I won't be running to do a really good time - I will just cruise through and try and enjoy the run around Wimbledon common. 

A run I enjoyed at triathlon was along the Water of Leith: we ran up and down every path of stairs of a section of path that goes from the main road down the water.  It was an absolute killer on the thighs and calves! But a good mental toughness challenge. 


I did a good 40km cycle with work to South Queensferry. 

It was cool to see the Forth Road Bridge close up! 

I did a cycle and run on Saturday to practice runs off the bike! This is Portobello at 7am! A lovely day

I cycled the route that people ran at the marathon on Sunday! Glad I'm cycling the route and not running. 

I then went for a run to the meadows.

I actually weirdly feel ready for my weekend now- the run off the bike I did on Saturday was so much easier than before and I feel ready for the triathlon. And I really enjoyed the open water swim on Friday and feel excited and not terrified for the great north swim! Roll on my weekend!!!

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  1. Wow!! Very impressed - walking 5k... well, 1k really is enough for me. Best of luck for your weekend... smash it!! x