Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weekend of pain DAY TWO

I'm feeling pretty tired today- making sure I am hydrated and full of carbs. This is me hanging out with our cat who also just wants to put her feet up and chill out

I have also been carbo loading which is the best: here's lunch

The weather today has been quite overcast and a lot cooler than yesterday but that is perfect for running. We arrived at Wimbledon Common with our numbers and the sun came out 

Here are the supporters!! 

We did a quick warm up:

And then we were off!!

My legs were feeling a bit tired after the swim but I felt alright

Craig was running with me for solidarity and safe to say he didn't finish out of breath at all and could have done it much faster! 

We had a bit of a struggle around km 6 because the sign pointed the wrong way and we got a bit lost.... We got back on track but it added a bit to our route. OOOPS! 

The run was very pretty through Wimbledon common but was quite hilly! There was a hill called the hill of doom.... Grim 

Anyway- all was fine and we finished in 51 minutes (would have been under 50 of we hadn't got lost...) 

I was the fourth woman!!!

My legs are soreeee now!!! Trying to rest and hydrate before tomorrow's triathlon

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