Friday, May 1, 2015

6 Weeks to go

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Total hours spent in the pool over 10 days : 7
On Mondays I go swimming the Royal Commonwealth Pool - we normally swim around 2 kms per session - a mixture of drills and endurance work. 
On Fridays I have been at the Leith Victoria Pool right by work.  At 05.30 the sun is well and truly up now  - so it doesn't feel like too much of a struggle to get up at that time at get to the pool for a 06:00 start! I have really started to love swimming - I feel like I'm improving so much and I really love being in the pool.
I have been enjoying swimming training but I now need to get out and train in open water. It is still a bit too cold! I have my wetsuit ready though - picture to come next week :-)
This is the triathlon club doing a warm up hip flexor drill - loving life in the park in the sun!
This is running around Arthur's seat - I love running around Arthur's seat - it is very hilly but the views around Edinburgh are amazing

This is Stuart's Melville School where we train on a Wednesday - it is very pretty and looks like Hogwarts!

This is the top of Costorphine Hill - I love running up it and reaching the top and seeing the view! I don't really like coming back down again though - running fast down hill really hurts my shins and knees! This was a very hilly 10k and I struggled swimming in the pool afterwards - I had to stop because my calf was cramping.
Lunch time runs:

I have done 3 lunch time runs over the past two weeks.  On the last run I did it hailed for about 10 minutes - apart from that it has been really sunny and nice. 

Total running for week 1 of this update:

Total running for week 2 of this update:


I haven't been spinning at all for two weeks - so I need to get back to training.

I have been for some outdoor cycles in the sunshine. 

Not long to go!!!!! aaahhh

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