Sunday, May 10, 2015

5 weeks to go- first mini triathlon

So this has been a big weekend for me! 

On Friday I went swimming in portobello in the SEA- it was soooooo cold!! 

The sea was very choppy and everytime I went to breathe I got a face full of water.... My body warmed up after a while but my face was absolutely freezing because it had no protection from the sea. 

I didn't love it but I didn't hate it! The more I do the better so I've just got to keep getting in the cold. 

On Sunday Elspeth, Tania and I went to North Berwick novice triathlon- it was really raining and we had to leave Edinburgh at 7am.... 

We got there and racked our bikes and put everything ready for the changeovers. 

We got given wave times for the swim 

It was so nerve wracking having a number and being competitive! 

The swim was only 250m and flew by- before I knew it I was on my bike! The cycle was lovely - all around North Berwick, the coast and more inland. 

It was pretty cold and I was feeling a bit tired but was still enjoying it. 

The transition to the run was really hard- even through the run was only 3km it still felt like a really long way. When I got off my bike my legs felt like jelly. My 3k time ended up being 6 minutes slower than my personal best time but I hadn't realised how much my legs would struggle! 

But it all went well and I WON!!! Wahoooo! 

Only a month to go until my weekend of pain!! This mini triathlon has given me a wake up because it a full triathlon is going to be so tough- especially after a 2 mile swim and 10k run the two days before... 

The training continues! 

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