Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week 8

This week the weather has been lovely in Edinburgh- despite promises of snow. On Monday I happily skipped out of work for a run in the sunshine. We headed to the grassy hill below Arthur's Seat

I also did a good swim sesh after running. We did about a thousand metres of drills and then we did a timed 20 minute swim. I started near the back and overtook everyone by about 800m! I managed a respectable 1250m in 20 minutes. Leading the swim was stressful though because I felt like I was being chased! But it was good.

Wednesday was a really tiring day- I got up at 6 to go to a pre-work spin sesh. After work I went running and swimming and didn't get home until 10.30pm- so I was pretty tired! I had two scrambled eggs on toast and went to bed. The run had been quite intense- we did a warm up and a few sprints and then we did 6x1k intervals with a 90 second rest invetween and every kilometre was under 4 mins.... The first few were significantly under 4 mins- about 3.45 for me. I slowed down a lot towards the end but still kept to just under 4 minutes! 

Friday morning I went for swim- look how light Edinburgh is at 5.45am!!!!

It was so nice being in the pool and looking out of the windows to blue sky and sunlight rather than pitch black! We did lots of sets of timed 100m, with the time allowed for each set decreasing as the session went on. We then did a timed 400m and I took 10 seconds off my time set in February! I did it in 6 minutes 16 seconds- I'm now aiming to get below 6 minutes. If I swam it all as fast as I did the first 100m I would be at about 5 minutes 54 seconds- so it's achievable! 

Lovely weather! The view from the office

I treated myself to a yummy pistachio icecream to celebrate my good swim!

On Saturday the weather was very windy so I didn't go out and cycle but I decided to try and learn how to tumble turn... 

I went to David Lloyd and after relaxing in the spa.... I went to the pool.

After an hour of tumble turning into the wall I felt light headed, dizzy and a bit sick! I can do tumbles better than before but I'm quite slow..... I'll keep practising!! 

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