Saturday, April 11, 2015

Week 9/10

These past few weeks in Edinburgh the weather has been lovely- really hot and sunny. This is me at work during lunch time after going for a run: 

I have been for some great cycles and runs outside. I cycled down the coast past Musselburgh to the power station. 
This is where I cycled from Arthur's seat taken during my run after the cycle

View from my cycle - you can see Arthur's seat! 

I have also decided to do more yoga and stretching: 

I have also cycled the water of leith pathway which is about 18 miles. I did a short part of it and then went around Arthur's seat. The weather was fab! 

Arthur's seat

View out over the coast from Arthur's seat

This week I did a long training session on Wednesday night. This is training at 7.30pm! 

It was still so light outside.  

I cycled to training, ran 10k, swam for an hour and cycled home! The run was up Costorphine hill- the sun was setting and the views were beautiful. I was too busy powering up the hill to take photos- but this is what it looked like! 

I have been swimming at 6am again both weeks. Since the clocks have changed it is darker in the mornings which I don't like! 

But the swims have been great. This week we did swims with pool push ups incorporated into them. This is when you swim to the deep end and try and pull your body out of the pool on your hands and then lower yourself down and up- it is so tough on the shoulders. Today we did 40 pool push ups during an 800 m swim. We also did 3x300m and 2x400m at race pace. I couldn't move my arms by the end! 

Apparently people enjoyed the goggle photo so here is me with my hat AND goggles AND nose clip on.... Brilliant 

I have also had a great Easter weekend on Arran where I climbed lots of hills and did kayaking! 

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