Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 7

Total: 25.7 kilometres

So this week I have done 3 lunch time runs.  The weather has been quite dreary in Edinburgh... 

However for the third run, when I was joined by the other members of my work's running club the sun came out!

A few fellow runners was exactly what I needed to boost morale (and leg speed!) 

My final run of the week was around Linlithgow canal and loch. It was a beautiful Saturday morning! 


I have been to spin several times this week.  The weather hasn't been fab so I haven't done much cycling outdoors after work.  Spin is always so intense.  Wednesday morning spin is my favourite one of the week.  It is a really good way to start the day although it is a killer for my poor legs.  In the room full of spin bikes there is a projector which shows routes and videos of the Tour de France which are a good way of feeling like you're getting outside and cycling round the mountains.  I also went to one on Thursday night and took my flatmate with me - he loved it too!

Total: 4,900 metres

On Monday we did an intense session at the Commonwealth Pool.  We warmed up and then did 8x50m of fist drills (swimming with your hands in a fist... It's quite hard!).  We then did 6x100 at race pace, which was exhausting.  Then we did 3x200 increasing pace every 25 - again super tiring! We finished with a 100m at threshold pace.  

On Friday morning we did 3,200 metres! We did 800m then a 600m then a 400 m all at race pace - we did some smaller drills in between. I always leave the pool on Friday with nothing left in my shoulders or legs but I really feel like I've achieved a lot.  It almost makes the 5.30am wake up worthwhile......... Also it is starting to get light at 5.30am! When I leave the pool at 7.45 ish it is proper daylight - yay for longer days!

Other Sports

I have played a really fun game of tennis with Craig, Gordon and Robin! Safe to say that I was rubbish! I was allowed 3 serves.... But it was really fun. 

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